Before & After: Polished Concrete In Carlsbad

Polished Concrete in Carlsbad

after 9_cover_refined

This project was a tenant improvement within an existing building. It was designed with sealed concrete in the common areas to accomplish a modern/industrial look. Upon initial investigation, it was obvious there was severe damage and scarring to the existing concrete. There was initially some questioning on whether or not we would be able to achieve the customer’s desired results given the extensive damage to the substrate. In some large areas we used self-leveling compounds and micro toppings to leave a more consistent finished look. In other areas we only filled in cracks and holes and achieved a more imperfect look which is part of the character of sealed concrete.

Upon completion of this project, we realized there isn’t much we can’t do when it comes to all the different applications of sealed and polished concrete floors. We ran into some hiccups but by working together with the general contractor and our subs we were able to hit our target.